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So I checked my mail today and a letter came in from school I got into the Dean’s honor roll. I didn’t think they would sent a letter, but I guess they do. Honestly I didn’t think I would get one since there is so much competion. :□□

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無印良品 縦の家


Up Themed 1st Birthday Party (via)



Water Cake

A Japanese bakery, Kinseiken Seika, is cooking up a storm and it’s getting all over the world wide web.

The dessert they are cooking up is the mizu shingen mochi and it is a rice cake that is made out of… you guessed it water from the Japanese Alps.

A Tweet from a customer said that the dessert “has a pleasant natural sweetness… (and) goes incredibly smoothly down your throat.” 



Manny’s a great kid, sure. But he’s not exactly cool. He can’t even open a door cool




Hehehe this is how you do on bike nutrition right! ;-)

Yesssssss pizza cycling

Can we talk about the guy eating Chinese WITH CHOPSTICKS which cycling? Badass